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5 Reasons Why You Should Seek Equal Parenting Time

Posted by Joseph A. DiPiazza | Jul 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

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Equally shared parenting offers a way for both parents to create equal and deep bonds with their children. Parents collaborate on childcare issues, regardless of how big or small, and each parent spends the same amount of time with their children. Consequently, both parents become experts and both get to know their children emotionally and practically. Moreover, the children feel important to their family and they understand that their parents make great efforts to jointly care for them.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider an equal parenting time custody arrangement:

  1. Build a better bond with your children: While regular parenting time is critical for families whose current custody arrangement does not include shared parenting, it is not a substitute for the relationship that a parent and child would have enjoyed if they were still living together. Children in shared parenting plans maintain regular contact with both their mother and father. They get a clear message that both parents love them and both parents want them.
  2. Children have easy access to both parents and they have psychological permission to love and be with both parents. Research indicates that children find this better than being with only one parent at intervals.
  3. Equal parenting time lessens the traumatic sense of rejection and loss that children feel when one parent moves out. Children who are allowed continuous access to both parents are less likely to suffer from feelings of loss, rejection and low self-esteem.
  4. Both parents have less stress and responsibility: Raising a child physically can be taxing on just one primary parent, whereas shared parenting splits up the responsibility.
  5. Childcare advantages: Shared parenting can act as a buffer against the problems of single parenthood because mothers and fathers can rely on each other for substitute care, where as parents with residential custody are more likely to seek out or hire third party child care such as nannies and babysitters.

Equally shared parenting is not without its challenges. Sometimes a parent will think that having more time with their children guarantees a good relationship. Quantity, however, is not a substitute for quality. Moreover, equally shared parenting requires much communication between two parents. Therefore, extremely hostile divorced couples are likely to face difficulty on this front persistent, high level of conflict can be harmful to children. Still, with committed parents, the benefits of equal parenting can far outweigh the challenges.

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