5 New Year’s Resolutions to Help You Move On After Divorce

2020 Happy New Year

The New Year is a time to start fresh, with a clean slate and with a list of goals to accomplish in the upcoming months. Adding divorce into the works creates a whole new set of issues. Dealing with holidays now that you are restructuring your family identity may require you to re-assess some of your plans and expectations. You can no longer expect that you will handle your life in the same manner as you had in the past (at least not yet).

Here are 5 practical, easy-to-follow resolutions to help you and your family move on after divorce:

  1. Be flexible: Your parenting plan is what it is and you should make the best of it. If you will not be with your children on a particular holiday, focus on the time you will be with them. Try celebrating holidays on a different day. Let your children know that they can enjoy the holiday with both parents.
  2. Be mature: Co-parent with your ex-spouse whenever possible. Be diligent about keeping your children out of the middle of any hostility or disagreements between you and your former spouse. Put your children first.
  3. Don’t compete with your ex-spouse: If you have children, don’t try to out-perform your ex. Instead, focus on developing and enjoying quality time with your children.
  4. Make new traditions: Instead of trying to replicate your old family traditions, create something completely new. Take your kids to help serve meals or volunteer around the holidays or go out to a nice restaurant and then to the movies on a consistent basis during your parenting time. Be creative. You may find your new traditions are much better than the old ones.
  5. Take care of yourself: Get adequate sleep, exercise, eat right, and lean on other people when you need to. You will be much better prepared to handle life if you are in good health.

Keep these tips handy and apply them in any way you can. It will go a long way in helping you re-establish your life after divorce.

Happy New Year from the Law Office of Joseph A. DiPiazza, LLC.