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River Vale Family Law Attorney

Finding the right family law attorney can be a complicated process, especially if you are looking for an affordable option for uncontested matters. At The Law Office of Joseph A. DiPiazza, LLC, we offer our clients compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced legal representation in all areas associated with New Jersey divorce and family-related issues.  

Attorney DiPiazza is committed to providing sound advice and reliable representation in resolving your case. We focus on the uncontested divorce process which means that all pertinent issues are resolved outside of court instead of through traditional litigation. To that end, we can help you negotiate the terms of your divorce and other family law issues through alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation. These methods allow you to save the time, stress, and expense of a trial while also remaining in control of the agreements you create for the final judgment. 

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Our Divorce & Family Law Services 

At our firm, we know that family law and divorce cases can be challenging and emotionally difficult. We also know that many clients prefer to find a less divisive way to resolve any disputes or disagreements than the traditional path of adversarial litigation. That is why we provide services related to uncontested divorce and other matters. 

Our services are provided on a flat fee basis so that you know well ahead of time what your expenses will be. Whether you have a simple and amicable case that involves completing all documentation and filings or need help negotiating specific issues as part of the uncontested process, we can assist.

Our services areas include:

  • Alimony. We can help you negotiate and prepare the terms of your alimony/spousal support in divorce and post-divorce situations.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution. These methods can help you come to mutually-agreeable terms on any family law matter without the need to engage in adversarial court trials.
  • Child Support. Our firm can assist in accurately calculating these mandated payments or making modifications and seeking enforcement of payments when they have been delinquent.
  • Child Custody. This is often a difficult matter for parents during and after divorce. We can help you create fair and just parenting plans based on the court standard of the best interests of the child.
  • Child Relocation. This is often a matter of dispute between divorced parents. We can help you understand New Jersey law on this issue and resolve the issue properly.
  • College Contribution. This issue falls under New Jersey case law; we can guide you through the matter toward the right resolution.
  • Uncontested Divorce. We can help you resolve any disputed issues to avoid a divorce trial so that you can proceed without the duress of litigation in court. 
  • Equitable Distribution. Marital property in our state is divided and distributed in a manner that is as equitable as possible, based on the facts of each case. We can help you create fair and just terms for this vital issue so that your divorce can proceed without contested hearings.
  • Prenuptial Agreements. We provide flat-fee service for the drafting, review, and implementation of these contracts when they are uncontested. 
  • Same-Sex Marriage. We can help you understand and resolve the unique issues involved in same-sex marriages, divorce, and domestic partnerships under New Jersey law. 

All the above issues can be complicated; our attorney can ensure that your case is resolved with your best interests in mind and done according to legal standards. 

An Experienced Attorney On Your Side

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